The Pure clean Difference:

Never Use Harsh Chemicals, Carpets Always Completely Dry in 3-5 Hours, And An Unwavering,Uncompromising, Absolutely Fanatical Attention To Detail

Pure Clean Carpet Cleaning Of Seattle Only Cleans Carpets, Tile, Rugs And Hardwood One Way.

Absolutely 100% Cleaned, Brightened, Looking Like New With NO Sticky Residue And Nearly Completely Dry Before We Leave.
Because Of That, Our Seattle Carpet Cleaning Customers Are Raving Fans, And Our Competition Hates Our Guts.


Carpet, Tile, Rug And Hardwood Floor Cleaning Of Seattle

  • Uses premium, plant & fruit based cleaners that are hypo-allergenic and certified as the safest and most effective products in the world.
  • Use “BigTrucks” that produce more suction and heat than any of our competitors leaving your carpets cleaner, drier and healthier.
  • We send trained, certified, uniformed consultants to provide you with honest, accurate and guaranteed service.
  • Gives you our up front pricing before starting that never changes.
  • Uses our proprietary PureClean™ water that leaves your carpets softer, brighter and cleaner WITHOUT any residue or chemicals.
  • Reduces returning spots and carpets are always protected after cleaning – doubling the life of your investment.
  • Offer our pricing up-front with no gimmicks-what you see is what you get.

vs. our competitors

  • Use cheap, toxic, high residue chemicals
  • Use low powered equipment leaving your carpets wet and sticky
  • Send untrained, high-pressure salesmen into your home to clean
  • Change the pricing on you after they start
  • Leave residue in your carpet when they’re done
  • Cause stains to reappear and carpets to wear out quickly
  • Charge low prices to attract as many people as they can

My name is Ben Surdi, I am the owner of Pure Clean Carpet Cleaning Of Seattle. I am extremely passionate when it comes to the carpet, tile and rug cleaning business. Let me explain, see years ago when I started my Seattle based carpet cleaning business, I quickly realized that the traditional way of carpet cleaning just wasn’t good enough. That the average tile and grout cleaning company’s standards just weren’t high enough. That when a homeowner sent their rug out to be cleaned, when it came back – I just wasn’t impressed.

Basically – The Carpet Cleaning Industry Standards In Seattle of “Good Enough” Just Wasn’t “Good Enough For Me” –So I Raised The Bar To Absolute Perfection.

I sat down and started to define what Seattle Homeowners wanted from a carpet, tile or rug cleaning company. I immediately made note of anything that wasn’t 1000% optimal , wasn’t exactly perfect and didn’t fit into the ideal carpet cleaner mold for a Seattle homeowner. For example , Seattle homeowners are very “green” conscious. They are eco-friendly and love whenever possible to buy or receive services that are non-toxic and all natural. So the first thing I did was to get rid of those harsh cleaning products normal carpet cleaners use (some of which have been proven to cause cancer). I created my own proprietary blend of pre-treatment products, cleaners and cleansers. Every single one of which is completely 100% nontoxic, and safe for humans , animals and plants. Each is made from plant or fruit base, and other completely natural substances . No other carpet cleaner in Seattle uses cleaners and treatments that come even close to ours.

Next I Stopped Using The Industry Standard “Detergents” – And Started Using De-Ionized “Pure-Clean” Water.

Look, if you don’t think what type of water carpet, tile and rug cleaners use is a big deal then I have some news for you. 99% of carpet cleaners in Seattle simply use hose water from outside your house. They literally pull their trucks up to your home, take your hose and fill their tanks, which not only costs you money but the quality of the water from your hose leaves your carpets full of all kinds of additives.


At Pure Clean Of Seattle we use this thing called De-Ionized Water. Without boring you to tears, basically de-ionized water is water that has been purified and charged at our corporate office, in a very special way to make it the greenest, most effective cleaning fluid for carpet cleaning. Dirt, bacteria, odor and fungi literally cling to this water at a molecular level so when we remove the liquid, all the nasty, gross, smelly stuff goes with it. But, perhaps even cooler – de-ionized water leaves your carpets fluffy and sparkling, not crunchy and dull. Another really cool side effect is that after using De-Ionized water to clean your carpets, tile or rugs – is that your carpets stay clean twice as long because there is literally no residue left behind.

When It Came To Selecting Equipment I was Precise –The Average Carpet Cleaner Uses A Simple Truck Mounted System (If You’re Lucky) – Slightly Better Than What You Can Buy At The Store.

Average Wasn’t Good Enough So I Went To Olympic Level–Expert Quality–Custom Built – Nobody Believes It Till They See It In Action Vacuum TRUCKS.

pure clean carpet cleaning of seattle uses the BIG TRUCK

Okay, I might have gone a tiny bit overboard on this one, I’ll admit that. But understand, the biggest complaint in the carpet cleaning industry by far is the time it takes for the carpets, tile and rugs to dry after getting them cleaned. This is directly related to the amount of liquid left behind after the cleaning. Leaving behind water after cleaning carpets or rugs or tile causes two major problems–first it can begin to mildew which defeats the entire purpose of cleaning the carpets in the first place and second it prevents the use of your home while they dry. So I threw out the idea of a small portable in home suction unit (think vacuum cleaner) or a miserably underpowered truck mounted unit and invested over $100,000 on each of our trucks to provide the absolute – BEST results for our clients.

Now I won’t geek out and tell you all the technical details on these trucks but I will just tell you these trucks really suck. I mean they really, really have some serious , eye popping suction. These trucks remove so much water that what would take a typical 24-36 hours for your carpets to dry from another carpet cleaner only takes 2-3 hours when we do it. They basically have about the same power as the gravitational pull of the moon (kidding but seriously impressive suction) and I am the only guy in the entire state using them – because I custom built them… just for my customers. So maybe I did go overboard a little, but my customers never worry about hours upon hours of soggy carpets after we clean them.

And That’s Not EVEN CLOSE To All The Amazing Innovate Stuff We Do Here At Pure Clean Of Seattle…

We basically don’t do anything at all to industry standards. Everything we do is light years ahead Industry Standards. Getting your carpets clean and sanitized from Pure Clean is like using high speed internet while everyone else is using dial up. It’s like using a smart phone when everyone else is using those old flip phones. It’s like driving a brand new luxury car while everyone is clopping about in horse drawn carriages. And you know what?

Our customers love us. Our competition hates us . And our prospects are flat out amazed.

So if you are even thinking about getting your carpets , tile or rugs cleaned then call Pure Clean today. As a little incentive I have put an offer on bottom of this page. Nothing huge or gimmicky – just a little incentive to nudge you towards the best cleaning experience of your life. We only clean carpets, tile and rugs one way – The Pure Clean Way.

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