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From dark, dingy and disgusting...To PURELY sanitized, PURELY clean, and PURELY dry in just 3-5 hours!

The average carpet cleaner uses a simple truck mounted cleaning system that is only slightly better than what you can buy at the store. At Pure Clean, however, we use the best in the business — because we ARE the best in the business!

The biggest complaints in the carpet cleaning industry are the time that it takes the carpet to dry, and concerns about the chemicals and residue being used by conventional cleaners. Wet carpeting, besides being an inconvenience, can cause mildew, and the soaps and chemicals used while cleaning releases environmental toxins that diminish the air quality of your home. These chemicals can also provoke allergies, cause respiratory conditions, chemical sensitivities, and strain your immune system.

Seeing these issues, Pure Clean decided to throw out conventional carpet cleaning systems. Instead, we invested in the best — high powered cleaning systems that leave your carpets dry in 3-5 hours, and only use deionized water and veggie or fruit based cleaners.

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Because Of That, Our Seattle Carpet Cleaning Customers Are Raving Fans, And Our Competition Hates Our Guts.
PURECLEAN™ Carpet, Tile, Rug, And Hardwood Floor Cleaning Of Seattle
Our Competitors
  • Use premium plant & fruit based cleaners that are hypo-allergenic and certified as the safest and most effective products in the world.
  • Use “BigTrucks” that produce more suction and heat than any of our competitors — leaving your carpets cleaner, drier, and healthier.
  • Send trained, certified, uniformed consultants to provide you with honest, accurate, and guaranteed service.
  • Give you up front pricing that never changes. No gimmicks. No tricks.
  • Use our proprietary PureClean™ water that leaves your carpets softer, brighter, and cleaner WITHOUT leaving any residue or chemicals.
  • Reduce the possibility of reappearing spots and protect carpets after cleaning – doubling the life of your investment.
  • We offer the highest quality carpet cleaning services currently available, and yet still remain competitively priced.
  • Use cheap, toxic, high residue chemicals that are harmful to your home and damaging to your carpets.
  • Use low powered equipment without adequate suction, leaving your carpets wet for up to 48 hours or more.
  • Send untrained, high-pressure salesmen into your home to provide carpet cleaning services that continue to get more expensive as they go.
  • Fail to offer guaranteed upfront pricing.
  • Leave chemicals and soapy residue in your carpet which attracts dirt, dander, and other debris so that your carpets rapidly become dirty again.
  • Cause stains, spots, and odors to reappear and low quality tools cause carpets to wear out more quickly
  • Advertise low prices to attract as many people as they can, but provide subpar services without any guarantees
The ONLY Chemical-Free Cleaner Using A Proprietary, Completely Green Cleaning Fluid Safe Enough To Drink.

Would you like to be worry-free when it comes to your carpets? We know you do — it’s why we created our Soap-Free cleaning technology. Unlike other carpet cleaning companies in Seattle, our powerful cleaning trucks use deionized water that sanitizes and cleans your carpets without leaving any residue behind. You, your children, and your pets can lay on your carpets, floors, mattresses, and upholstery without coming into contact with any harmful chemicals. Rest easy knowing that your carpets are cleaned more thoroughly and that you have the best value for your money.

Washington's Highest Rated And Most Trusted Carpet Cleaning Company
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We were very happy with the work PureClean performed four years ago and equally happy to have them back last week! Using products that are safe for our family and pets were our top priority, but PureClean goes above and beyond in their attention to detail, professionalism and quality work.

– Kristin K. Mukilteo, WA


We have two dogs and a toddler, so our carpets see a lot of trouble. We wanted them cleaned but didn’t want to deal with massively long dry times (which are very difficult to explain to a toddler) or harsh chemicals.  Pure Clean fit the bill on both!

The technician was friendly and knowledgeable.  The service was quick (we had moved all the furniture ahead of time so that made the process significantly easier.) The dry time was reasonable; our service was early in the morning, by the evening we were enjoying our lovely carpet again.

– Branda A. Woodinville, WA


Courteous, professional, efficient! My carpets look great! I highly recommend this company.
Pure Clean came out and cleaned three of our carpets last week. I could not be more happy with their service!

Rose. C – Snohomish, WA