PURECLEAN™ is a carpet cleaning company which serves Bellevue, Washington. No one cleans the carpets like us.

PureClean is a local company that keeps the citizens facilitated with best carpet cleaning service in Bellevue, Washington. We not just wash the carpets with water but we also pass the carpets through our different cleaning processes. When we clean your carpet, it looks like as you have just bought it from the shop. We remove harmful bacteria and germs from the carpets so that they won’t harm you and your pets. The carpets are passed through the process of anti-allergy treatments so that if there are any bacteria that could cause allergy they would be destroyed.

We use the most powerful carpet cleaning machines which produces high steam which help the carpet to dry faster and gets clean. We use Electro Water that allows us to clean, sanitize and rejuvenate your carpet without using chemicals, soaps or detergents. Your carpets will be soft and fluffy. The chemicals used in the company are harmless and are green sealed certified products that are hypo allergenic.

We have the top carpet cleaning technicians in the industry working for our company which means you’ll get the very best results. With the best equipment, fastest dry times and longest lasting results; you can never go wrong with us. We have a lot of satisfied customers in Bellevue. What makes us us unique is our ‘money back guarantee’. We give 30-day satisfaction guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with our cleaning process, you are eligible for a refund.

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Why Choose Pure Clean?

It’s simple… with 24 years of experience and advanced technology, we’re the Best in the Business. We have 3 BIG advantages over our competitors:

  • We have state-of-the-art cleaning trucks.
  • We use a patented, proprietary cleaning solution that NO ONE ELSE HAS.
  • We provide an extremely high level of service.

When you hire us, your carpet is cleaned by an EXPERT.

Learn more about PURECLEAN™ system and how our PUREDRY carpet cleaning process work by visiting our Carpet Cleaning page.

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