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Corona Virus Announcement:

Due to the current state of the virus spreading there are very specific protocols we are taking to protect your family and your home. It is crucial that you take action – this is not fear driven – this is factual requirements to protect your family.

PureClean™ is offering 20% off of all of our healthy home services for the next 60 days to help our community achieve healthy homes. Not only will we be cleaning, sanitizing soft surfaces such as carpets, upholstery, rugs – we will also be providing FREE touch point cleaning and disinfection.

Applying bleach IS NOT enough– The proper protocol as initiated by industrial hygienists is to first clean the surface to remove the bio-film. After cleaning the surface we will be applying an EPA registered disinfectant that is 100 times safer than bleach. Due to the virus being aerosolized – our crew will also be setting up air filtration devices in your home to purify the air.

If you have NOT had time to read the article written by the owner, Ben Surdi, please click this link. After reading the article, schedule your appointment because our schedule is going to be 100% full as we serve our clients.

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