Carpet Cleaners Are NOT All The Same!

layer3benAre you tired of working with carpet cleaning companies who don’t get the stains out, can’t remove odors, leave the carpets feeling sticky, don’t get you the invoices quick enough, leave the carpets wet for days?

My name is Ben Surdi and if you’ve ever experienced the stress that my other property managers have than what I am going to offer you is crucial to making your life easier and having happier customers…. I am a carpet cleaning, stain removal, pet stain, hardwood floor refinishing, rug cleaning and water damage professional.

3 Ridiculous Things Carpet Cleaning Companies Do That Drive Property Managers Crazy… And How PURECLEAN Has Solved This Mess!

  • Wasted Time: “We’ll be there between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.” Have you ever had to wait all day for a service company to show up, or not show up at all? My company, PURECLEAN™ uses advanced paperless systems to schedule, estimate, invoice, document issues, and create notes of every job we do for you so that if there is permanent damage left by a previous tenant, you will have photo documentation from a professional carpet care firm to put in your file. Furthermore – you will receive an invoice within 30 minutes of us finishing the cleaning job – we know that timing is important which is why we get you the paperwork you need immediately.


  • Spots coming back: Have you ever hired a carpet cleaning company to “clean the carpets” only to come in and find spots that are still there, spots that look worse and traffic lanes that still look dirty? At PURECLEAN™ you won’t have to deal with that because we employ our award winning, 10-Step carpet cleaning process that eliminates those issues completely. More about that later…


  • Pet Urine Stains/Odors Still There: If you’ve been in the property management business for more than a month that you have certainly seen your fair share of “pet accidents” in rental homes. You call out a carpet cleaning company and they “apply deodorizer”, come to find out that the pet odor is still there… Sound familiar? At PURECLEAN™ all technicians have attended certification classes and specialty schooling to learn the technology and techniques behind removing pet odors, smoke odors, cooking odors and stains from carpet. This means that instead of replacing the carpet – you can simply call the experts at PURECLEAN to do the job saving your client thousands of dollars.
Recognized As An Industry Leader

PURECLEAN is proud to be an IICRC Certified Firm, an approved service provider for the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval Program, a member of the Society of Cleaning Restoration Technicians and an Ethical Services contractor.

Beware: Some Carpet Cleaning Companies Cause More Problems Than They Solve…

It’s important to choose an EXPERIENCED carpet cleaning company… like PURECLEAN. If you don’t, a number of things that can go wrong…

1) Traditional Carpet Cleaners Use Soaps And Detergents.

This can create several problems…

  • It can leave a residue that ATTRACTS dirt. In this case, ironically, cleaning can actually cause your carpet to become dirty!
  • It can irritate the skin of sensitive individuals. Especially prone are young children and babies.
  • It can flake and become airborne where it’s inhaled. This may have harmful effects for those with asthma, allergies, and other breathing disorders.
  • It can flake off and be ingested by pets. Some pets will lick or eat almost anything. But you certainly don’t want your pet eating detergents or chemicals!
  • It can cause problems such as “crunchy” carpet. This happens because it’s difficult to completely extract traditional soaps and detergents from carpet. Small cleaning vans and rented carpet cleaning machines typically lack the suction to do the job right.


2) Some Companies Over Saturate Your Carpet, Which Can Cause Slow Drying. The result is often mold & mildew growth. This can make the carpet less healthy than before you had it cleaned! But our equipment uses HIGH SUCTION that extracts more water, so your carpet dries FAST.

In addition, some soils and stains that cause odors are often trapped in the padding. If the cleaning equipment used doesn’t have enough suction, it won’t be able to reach the padding where odors hide. As a result, you won’t get a true DEEP CLEAN and spots will often return.


3) Some Carpet Cleaners Use Inferior Equipment And Methods.

This can damage your carpet and cause “frizzed” carpet fibers. (Your carpet warranty is unlikely to cover damage caused by negligence or defective equipment.)


4) The Inferior Equipment Used By Some Companies May Not Generate Enough Heat To Sanitize Your Carpet.

Heat helps kills germs, bacteria… and dust mites. Once again, if substandard or improperly maintained equipment is used, your carpet may STILL be unhealthy even AFTER you’ve paid to have it cleaned. So why risk it?


When you choose PURECLEAN™, we’ll clean your carpeting right… without the drawbacks and limitations of inexperienced and substandard carpet cleaning companies.

Here’s What Others Had To Say…

“We used probably a dozen different carpet cleaning companies before we found Pure Clean and I am so happy that we found them. The carpets are just so much cleaner when we use them, we don’t have to bug them about getting paperwork, they give us priority scheduling and… well, just make our job a lot easier. Thanks Pure Clean!” – Kellie @ T-Square Property Management


“We took Pure Clean up on their offer to clean a smaller unit so we could see just how good they were – and WOW, personally I’ve never seen results like this. The pet stains and odors were gone – the house has several urine spots and they used a special machine to remove it from the pad and it worked! I highly recommend Pure Clean.” Stacy – Windermere Property Management

To PROVE we’re the best… we’ll clean YOUR FIRST HOUSE FOR FREE!

If you are a property manager located in our service area – Seattle, Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond & Snohomish areas – we would like to prove to you that we’re the best carpet cleaning company in Washington State! We will clean a rental property of yours or even your own home up to 500SF of carpet FOR FREE! All we ask is that you give us the opportunity to be your primary carpet cleaning company if you like what you see!

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