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Carpet Cleaning In The Seattle Area

We Have State-Of-The-Art Carpet Cleaning Trucks

Our trucks provide up to twice as much heat and five times more suction than the cleaning trucks frequently used by our competitors. Our trucks have powerful motors and custom-fit systems, designed specifically for our unique cleaning solutions which leave your carpets not only clean, but sanitized and almost dry. The more heat and suction power that is used during a cleaning- the more thorough and long-lasting the results will be.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Seattle WA

We Use A Cleaning Solution No One Can Compete With

Our priorities for our carpet cleaning services are the same as yours; safe, natural, non-toxic, odor-free, quick-drying, and hypoallergenic.

Unlike other carpet cleaning companies in Seattle, Edmonds or Kirkland, we do not rely on soaps and chemicals to clean your carpets (which can cause ‘crunchy carpeting’). Instead, we use special deionized water that actually lifts and removes dirt, germs, bacteria, and the soaps and chemicals left behind by previous carpet cleaning companies from the fibers of your carpeting.

This means that when we are done, your carpets are not only cleaner than ever before, they are actually healthier. our cleaning solution is the perfect option for any environmentally-conscious or health-sensitive family.

We Make Sure You Are Completely Satisfied

We provide the most effective way to eliminate dirt, dander, and allergens without leaving any residue or using harmful chemicals.

But we do more than that. We work hard to make sure that you are completely satisfied, because we know that your trust has to be earned.

That’s why we use shoe covers, corner guards, furniture pads, and styrofoam blocks (to set furniture on to prevent water staining) to protect your home. We also move your furniture for you.

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If you are looking for a professional, non-toxic, and long-lasting clean, then Pure Clean’s carpet cleaning services are your best option. Give us a call to discuss our options and schedule your appointment.

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