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Glass Restoration & Sealing: Seattle, Redmond & Kirkland

Cloudy, Foggy, Ugly & Dirty – Yes Your Shower Glass Doors Have Become A White, Dull Mess… But Now There Is A Solution!

Is your glass cleaning just not cutting through the scum built up on your windows and door? We aren’t surprised. Most people don’t know that glass is actually porous, allowing scum and bacteria to build up in the glass over time. Regular glass cleaning won’t be able to penetrate the pores to remove the build up.

PureClean’s glass cleaning and restoration process will remove the hard water staining and soap scum build up from your glass and return it to like-new condition. Using special cleaning compounds, polishing systems and equipment, we will safely remove all of the build up and once we are done, we will apply a glass sealant!

Glass Restoration & Sealing Service in Woodinville
Glass Restoration & Sealing Service in Woodinville

If you are struggling with getting your glass clean, it is time to schedule an appointment with a glass cleaning company — like ours!

Our Snohomish & Bellevue area glass cleaning and restoration services are exactly what you need to return all of your bathroom doors, windows, and kitchen panes to pristine conditions.

At Pure Clean, your best choice for a Seattle & Redmond area glass cleaning company, we use a glass sealant that will make cleaning your glass simple and effortless for years to come and help keep the mineral and hard water deposits out of the glass pores.

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